Meditation is one of the most powerful tools in the universe. Primordial sound meditation is one of the most effective meditation methods in the world. Born in ancient India and revived by Deepak Chopra, MD, primordial sound meditation is based upon you personal mantra. Your mantra is chosen on the basis of vedic mathematics, determining a specific sound or vibration of the universe at the time and place of your birth. By silently repeating your own primordial sound a part of your mantra, you are taking your mind to a place of relaxation and contentment, allowing your body to slow down and heal.

Sam will obtain your personal mantra, and then teach you to use to help change your life – permanently. In just a few sessions you will learn to allow you body to gain the rest needed to relax deeply.

Then, you will simply need to find a bit of time in each of your day to see the changes in your life come quickly and dramatically. By reducing you stress levels, a wide range o health problems can disappear into thin air.