If you’ve never had a session with a personal trainer, Sam has an offer that’s hard to refuse. With no obligations whatsoever, you can have a one hour training session with Sam – absolutely free. This session based on the principles of core conditioning, will show you that training doesn’t have to be about pain and sweat. Once you learn how to breath and how to maintain your core balance, staying in shape becomes so much easier. This session will be at Bayswater Fitness in Potts Point just one minute from Kings Cross Station.

Meditation is learnt in a session once your mantra has been obtained. If you are interested in learning more about primordial meditation, a personal consultation with Sam would be the most productive way. This would again be obligation free.

If you are interested in neuro linguistic programming, but are not certain as to how it can help you, Sam is more than happy to offer you a free initial NLP session. Again – there are no obligations. In a face to face consultation, Sam can explain to you the basics of NLP, who uses it, and how it can change your life. This session would be conducted at Sam’s consultation room in Potts Point, only three minutes from Kings Cross Station.

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