Pulse Fitness

Personal training used to be considered for the well off or the unmotivated. Now, it’s a normal part of many people’s health regime. Personal training isn’t about someone screaming at you to work harder. It’s about a skilled professional starting you with the proper habits for long term results. It’s about safety and efficiency. It’s obtaining motivation and knowledge, giving you variety in sessions so as to never get bored. It’s discovering what proper nutrition is, and how it can help your body work more efficiently. In short, having a personal trainer helps you not only set you goals but to achieve them as well.

Having Sam as you personal trainer isn’t about having someone telling you to go faster or work harder. In fact, you may be surprised to find that, in the first few sessions, you won’t even work up a sweat. Sam’s years of training has shown him that to start with the right habits is to start on a winning foot. In your first sessions, Sam will teach you the importance of core strength, proper breathing and body balance. Then, as you become more active in your sessions, you’ll be working with the proper skills and tools to help you achieve both optimum health and reduced stress – both your on body and your mind.

Working with Sam has helped me to improve my general fitness and strength. Sam provides consistent and positive feedback and encouragement whilst making the sessions fun and enjoyable. His energy and attitude, together with his extensive knowledge, ability to understand his client’s needs and his holistic approach, make him an exceptional personal trainer. Share the opportunity.

Damon Elkins