Pulse Fitness

Sam BastrawosSam Bastrawos is the director and founder of Pulse Fitness. Sam is accredited at both level 1 and 2 fitness trainer. He attends ongoing courses through the international sports science association. More recently, he has been training with Paul Chek from the Chek Institute in core conditioning, as well as the foundations and principles of training. Sam has a broad range of clients, personalising routines to the individual needs. However, every session has several things in common – variety, core balance, safety – and, most of all, fun.

Sam has been a practitioner and master practitioner in new neuro linguistic programmer for eight years. This has included overseas training with such teachers as Anthony Robins, and the constant learning of new methods of NLP. Sam has also trained in primordial sound meditation with Deepak Chopra, as well as having close ties locally with Spa Chakra. His training in all three areas makes Sam unique, training not just the body – but the mind and the soul, so that all three can work together as one.

“I’ve been a client of Pulse Fitness for the past 5 years. During that time my fitness and flexibility has improved. I recommend Sam for his insightful personal training skills.”

Ruth Medd